"I've been very pleased with the investment returns, so much in fact that my partner and I have decided to team up with McKeever Cross Builders to construct a home on a lot we own."

"Investments have gone better than projected with sales price appreciation exceeding cost increases."

"Steve is someone I can trust and I plan to continue investing with Steve."

"While it was important to understand the underlying investment economics, it was just as important to find an investment partner that I could trust."

JB Huck

"I have been very pleased with my investment returns."

"Our initial investment with Steve exceeded our expectations paying off both faster and with higher returns than projected."

"Steve has done a good job keeping us updated as to overall market conditions, costs of construction and progress."

"Whether the information is good or bad, you can always count on getting the truth so you always know where you stand."

"We have had a very positive experience and will continue investing with Steve."

"After many years of personal and professional experience with Steve I can say that he is very honest and straight forward in his dealings."

Kirk French

"One of the greatest things about Steve is he is very comfortable in his own skin."

"Steve is a throw-back to the day when a man's word was his bond. If Steve says he going to do something he does it."

"A particular project I worked on with Steve had numerous challenges requiring cooperation from several neighboring property owners. Steve held a group meeting and with all the parties involved, and was successful in with getting their collective support and agreement on the direction he was taking to solve the problems."

Steve Boggus

"Overall, I have been very satisfied with the returns I have received investing with Mckeever Companies."

"I am always kept up to date with progress on the projects and appreciate that Steve is just as quick to tell you the bad news as the good news so you don’t ever have to wonder the status."

"I must say that Steve's character and integrity is above reproach.  I have known Steve for approximately five years and have found him to honest, forthright and man with strong family values."

"Steve is a bright, energetic, hard-working individual who goes the extra mile to be fair and equitable to his business partners.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone contemplating an investment with Steve."

Don Turner

"I have invested with Steve in 4 different projects. The payouts have been a 5-star, a 4-star, and the other two in progress and on schedule."

"As a partner in my first investment with Steve, I was kept informed, the project took a different turn than was originally planned but in the end, the project exceeded our expectation and the residual continues to exceed our expectation. A 5 star investment."

"In every investment, status reports have been made and Steve is readily accessible.  I obviously trust Steve and don't question his integrity."

Bob Cross

"Steve has been straight forward with me. He manages an asset for me. He is not afraid to tell me all the news, good or bad and is quick to make recommendations that enhance my project."

"Steve is a wholesome guy with strong family values. Over our last 5 year relationship, I believe we have developed a warm relationship of mutual trust and respect."

"Steve is someone you can always trust and rely on."

"Steve can go out of his way to be helpful, and persistently so. Over the last 2 years, he helped me pursue the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company to strike an agreement with me to build a $3.8 million roadway that benefits both my and the railroad company properties.  The other side came in and backed out several times; it was Steve's persistence -- spending much of his time without direct compensation to himself -- that allowed an agreement to be signed."

Wellington Chan

"In my career in real estate investments I have the chance to meet many different investment groups and the people who run them.  I can unequivocally say Steve is one of the most responsible and honest people I've met in this business."

"After the money was distributed from the sale of our property I later found out Steve had some unexpected costs that exceeded the amount remaining in the holdback reserve.  Steve absorbed the extra cost and didn't approach the partners for a capital call, even though we all would have contributed."

"The reporting was timely and Steve was always available to discuss the deal.  I wish all real estate sponsors were as honest, dependable and acted with the same amount of integrity."

Scott Haire

"Steve is one of the most responsible and honest people I've met in this business." - Scott Haire

"Steve is one of the most responsible and honest people I've met in this business." - Scott Haire